Our overteched world


Ok so Saturday I had to get a cab ride from the barber to the grocery store.

Put the order in and wait.

Guy says he’s been try to find me for the last ten minutes because his GPS failed even though I am in a strip mall.

When I get to the grocery store-another six minutes as he tries to run the payment method on file.

Gotta to get the tricycle sooner than later.

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Safety in numbers


When talking about public transportation, another issue we need Two issues come to mind:

In Chicago, passengers were robbed at a local subway station mostly for their phones.

In New York, a comment from the Iraqi prime minister about ISIS attacking America caused tightened security measures on mass transit.

We have to make it affordable, available and safe.

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Best laid plans


Yesterday-I had a doctor’s appointment and had arranged for my sister to take me.

She had last minute car trouble which meant I had to scramble.

Fortunately my doctor was accommodating, and my sister did get there and we got there a little late.

But it she couldn’t-there’s the problem.

It was too far to walk in time.

No reliable bus.

That leaves a cab-which is expensive and the drivers always complain they have no idea where the place is-even though they pass by it at least ten times a shift.

Got to fix that.

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Dinner and a cab ride


Tomorrow I will be going to visit my dad.

That is after he helps me run all my errands and I like to make sure he gets me home before dark.

Then I make sure he gets a good home cooked meal.

He gets both gas money and gas!!!-lol

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I recently watched the episode of “The Big Bang Theory” where Sheldon try to get people to take him places.  Sheldon  doesn’t drive hence the rides.  But he doesn’t understand or chooses not to that people that no has to help him.

I do get it.

I am grateful that I have friends who are willing to help.

Thank you

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vote at least once.


Since I don’t have a car-I want to make sure my vote counts in November, I am applying for an absentee ballot.  That’s just in case I can’t get to the polls.

I wish we could just vote online.  If we can do it for reality shows we should be able to do it for something that really matters.

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Rules we have rules


Public transportation has a lot of rules-some times they only serve to confuse.

Take today-on the bus to grocery store and we stopped to pick up a couple.  They thought that their bus pass would work on our system.  When they found out they didn’t-they didn’t have the cash to ride. Luckily I had an extra ticket so I paid for them.  Should only be one payment system it would save a lot of grief.

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